Thursday, February 8, 2018

Three Reasons Why I Blog

Why did I decide to start this blog?

I thought I would take some time and try to explain what lead me to this decision. It was not an easy one to make.

First off, I have had blogs in the past for this or that. The last one I had did not amount to much even though I stuck with it for well over a year.

So, Leigha, why did you decide to start this blog? I felt lead to do so.

Yes, that is right. I felt that the Lord placed this on my heart. Now can you picture someone kicking and screaming, whining, even. "But God, I did this already. Nobody even cared. Nobody read my blog. It was a huge waste of time." I do not advise arguing with God or whining for that matter. It isn't pretty, accomplishes nothing, God still wins in the end.

I read a devotional one morning about doing things for an audience of One. If I cannot manage to do things for an audience of One , how can I expect more? This one is from Matthew 6:6. My take away is that I need to follow where God leads and I need to do it as though I were doing it for Him alone. So my blog is for Him. 

Then there's the story in the Bible where the master is going away and He trusts his servants with so much each. The first two double the amount that was given to them making their master very happy so he trusted them with more. However, the third servant buried his amount and then dug it up to give it back to his master which upset the master. He couldn't be trusted with a little, so what he had was taken and given to the first servant. These verses are from Matthew 25:14-30. Yes, I have been studying in Matthew lately. My take away is that I have been trusted with a little; my blog. What will I do with that little? It is my intention to be faithful and do as He guides.

On another day, I was reading about a seed. If the grain of wheat was never dropped and buried, it would remain the single seed. However, if the seed was dropped, buried, and died it would produce many more seeds. This verse is John 12:24; I really like that one. I will blog, put His word out for others to read and find comfort from and will leave the rest up to Him. By doing this, I am planting that seed and trusting Him to help it be fruitful.

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